Sun Pendant

There is nothing like the soft smoothness of the sun on your skin and this sun pendant is just like the rays of the sun giving you that silky feeling. You will bask in the warmth of attention when you wear this unusual sun pendant as its design of a hollow middle and different lengths of sunrays will be noticed by everyone. It’s a bit of fun with a slightly bohemian look which gives the sun pendant a trendy feel and will make you feel good vibes when you wear it. 

Features of the Sun Pendant

  • Distinctive Design – With its flared sun rays of different lengths and its hollow middle this sun pendant is so unusual in its design.
  • High Quality – The sun pendant comes in high quality gold or silver and boasts craftmanship of the highest quality.  
  • Fashionable & Funky – With its slightly bohemian feel this sun pendant is on trend and will add that funky element to any outfit.