Velvet Star Choker

Since velvet was woven from silk and cotton in 2000 BCE in Egypt it has been one of the richest materials. This has made it a popular choice for a choker as it shows off your skin because of its luxurious look. This velvet star choker follows in this tradition adding the glamor factor to your outfit. Be a bit more bohemian when you wear it with boots and a dress or show your sophisticated side when you wear it with your favorite little black dress. The star adds an element of fun to the look.

Features of the Velvet Star Choker

  • Rich Luxury – Velvet is such a rich distinctive material and as a choker paired with a five -point star in black or white it oozes a luxurious feel.
  • Versatile & Trendy - This velvet star choker can be worn with some many different looks it is no surprise it is on trend.
  • Great Value - This velvet star choker made form the best materials showcasing just why velvet is so sought after.

Chain length: 30cm + 5cm extension chain