Single Pearl Necklace

This stunning choker highlights a single pearl at its center drawing attention to the wearer and their beauty.  Pearls are unique in that they are formed naturally. When you wear this single pearl necklace you will a feel unique and stand out from the crowd. It is the perfect piece of jewelry for that special formal occasion. From a wedding to a birthday to a special dinner date this is the piece of jewelry for that special formal occasion.

Features of the Single Pearl Necklace

  • A Perfect Combination – This single pearl necklace highlights one silky pearl on a foxtail choker with its braided or woven effect that add to the elegance of this necklace.
  • A Formal Affair – No matter what the special occasion is the single pearl necklace will take your outfit to next level elegance.
  • High Quality – The materials from the pearl to the choker chain are of the highest quality and the workmanship of this single pearl necklace is exceptional.