Natural Crystal Necklace

Crystals come in a variety of types and colors. Crystals are intriguing as each one is said to contain a different meaning and healing power. Long ago crystals were forms of medicine and today many people believe in their properties. The most popular and well-known crystal must be pink rose quartz and is all about love. Whether you believe in their healing powers is up to you but there is no denying their beauty. This crystal necklace boasts the most alluring crystals in an iconic cut and setting.

Features of the Crystal Necklace

  • Tantalizing Design - The crystal necklace has a crystal cut in the powerful form of an arrow and held in silver clasp on a silver chain to show off the crystal’s beauty.
  • The Choice is Yours – With literally hundreds of crystals to choose from the crystal necklace will be personal and meaningful to you.
  • Bohemian Feel – Whether you feel the positive vibes from the crystal necklace or are just drawn to their color and beauty enjoy wearing this unusual piece of jewelry.
  • Pendant Size - 4 cm x 1 cm (1.57 inch x 0.4 inch)