Essential Oil Lava Bracelet

If you are looking for a practical, portable and stylish way to carry your scent of favourite essential oils with you, then this essential oil lava bracelet is the perfect choice. The stunning black lava beads offer a versatility to suit anyone’s style. The natural beads are a great option for kids as well as for men who enjoy accessorising too. Anyone can enjoy the amazing benefits from including essential oils into their day by simply spoiling themselves with diffusing jewelry from Yellow Summer. Let your body heat assist in diffusing the oils from your bracelet and feel inspired, rejuvenated and trendy with your very own diffusing jewelry piece.

Features of the Essential Oil Lava Bracelet

  • Choice of Design: Whether you prefer a simple matt style or perhaps the natural lava stone design when it comes to the beads, simply pick and choose from our selection.
  • Lava rock essential oil jewelry: The lava stone offers a touch of nature while the diffusing properties allow you to release soothing aromas throughout the day.
  • Bracelet Size: about 19 cm (elastic)