Hoop Earrings

The hoop earring is a fashion trend which has been around for much longer than many of us would imagine as they formed part of many cultural attires and have remained a symbol of international fashion. All around the world we can find the hoop earring and Yellow Summer offers a lovely variety of all sorts and types of ladies earrings and hoops. There are different ways to enjoy the hoop when it comes to accessorising such as the size and diameter you prefer, the design and colour such as small silver hoop earrings or larger round earrings.

For those who enjoy a bit more detail when it comes to accessorising, our selection hosts hoop earrings which are accompanied by a cute pendant or charm dangling. So dust off that sassy and chic cocktail dress and add your new pair of stunning hoops to effortlessly shape your look.

Delicate Star Earrings
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Dangly Star Earrings
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Small Hoop Earrings
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Hoop Star Earrings
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Star Earrings
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