Essential Oil Bracelet

When it comes to combining wellness, fashion and timeless style; this beautiful essential oil bracelet has it all. The elegant design offers a dash of glamour for those who enjoy a little more bling with their accessories. The diffusing pads allow you to add a few drops of your favourite oils, whether it be for soothing or meditative intentions or simply to have scented aromas follow you throughout the day. A truly special and thoughtful gift to share with a loved one or friend or perhaps a romantic gesture. Enjoy all the benefits of essential oils while spoiling yourself with a timeless jewelry piece from Yellow Summer.

Features of the Essential Oil Bracelet

  • Different Designs: This beautiful piece is offered in a variety of different designs to choose from. Whether you like geometric patterns, flowers or nature - you are sure to fall in love with your new diffusing bracelet.
  • Adjustable Size: Not only is this piece beautiful but the bracelet allows for easy adjustment to fit your wrist effortlessly and comfortably.
  • Mix and match: To make this even more fun, why not collect various colours in your diffusing pads and watch how each colour transforms your bracelet to match your mood or outfit.