Gold Locket

Small and pretty this gold locket is the perfect example of refined elegance. This dainty gold locket is right at home wore with the classic combination of blue jeans and a white shirt or with the timeless little black dress. The gold locket opens easily to place a picture of your loved one or a love message from them inside safely so you can keep them with you at all times. 

Features of the Gold Locket

  • Exquisite Quality Material - The gold locket is made from the best silver or gold metal and is smooth all the way around.
  • Best workmanship - The gold locket is well crafted and the clasp is strong and easy to open and close and won’t jump open by accident.
  • Petite Elegance - The gold locket is suitable for all occasions adding an air of sophistication to the most casual of outfits while adding the finishing touch to your evening wear.