Whale Tail Necklace

Whales can communicate with each other over thousands of miles by slapping their tail or leaping into the air as well as making vocal sounds. It is said that these majestic animals inspire us to speak our truth and release our creativity. Wear this whale tail necklace and unleash your fashion creativity by pairing the whale tail necklace with your unique style. This whale tail necklace contains all the characteristics of the whale and what these  fascinating animals mean to us.  
Features of the Whale Tail Necklace 
  • Beauty in Simplicity – The whale tail necklace is beautiful because of its simplicity. The whale tail is instantly recognizable and the smooth lines of the pendant bring the focus to the whale tail. The simple solid chain complements the simplicity of this design. 
  • High Quality -  Both the pendant and chain are made of the highest quality silver. 
  • Show your Compassion -  The whale tail necklace sits just above your heart reminding you of your compassion for yourself and for others.  
  • Pendant size - 2.4 x 2 cm