Paw Print Necklace

This paw print necklace featuring the most adorable paw print pendant is a must for every dog and cat lover. The sweetness of this paw print necklace will charm anyone who has ever had a pet. Show your love for your pet when you wear this cute paw print necklace. It is also a lovely gift for a friend or family member that you know loves cats and dogs or is an all-round animal lover. They will find this paw print necklace adorable and sweet and appreciate that you have thought of it for them.

Features of the Paw Print Necklace

  • Show the Love: When you wear the paw print necklace you will show everyone your love for dogs and cats and all animals.
  • High quality – This paw print necklace is available in high quality gold, silver and rose gold with the paw perfectly crafted.
  • A Charming Gift – This is the perfect gift for an animal lover that is also f