Cupid Arrow Necklace

Myth has it that you will immediately fall in love when struck by Cupid’s arrow. This cute myth takes form in the arrow necklace with the arrow in the exact form and shape of Cupid’s. Let yourself fall in love with the arrow necklace or give it as a gift to the one you love or want to fall in love with you. Whatever your wish for love the arrow necklace will make it come true.

Features of the Arrow Necklace

  • Stylish - Whether in gold or silver the arrow necklace on a delicate link chain is stylish in its simplicity with line engravings on its fletchings adding in some detail.
  • High Quality – The arrow necklace comes in a high quality gold or silver metal with excellent workmanship.
  • The Perfect Git – Love is a wonderful feeling and the arrow necklace is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life and let them feel the love.
  • Necklace Length - 45 cm