Dangly Pearl Earrings

Girls just want to have fun and these pearl earrings have fun written all over them. They make traditional pearls funky and trendy so you can wear these earrings with any outfit be it a fun day out or dress-up affair. Wear them in the daytime with casual wear or in the evening when a more formal look is required. The fun in the earrings lies in their design which will make people look twice earning you lots of attention.

Features of the Dangly Pearl Earrings

  • Funky Design - Each earring features three near-round pearls with a gold O but the O sits in a different place on each of the dangly pearl earrings creating a talking point and funky look.
  • Trendsetter – These dangly pearl earrings are so unique that you will be a trendsetter when you wear them.
  • High-Quality - The pearls and materials of the dangly peal earrings are of top quality and workmanship. The stud fits firmly yet comfortably.