Pearl in Shell Necklace

Pearls have fascinated humankind for centuries with many myths on where pearls originally come from. A favorite is that pearls are made from the tears of mythical creatures such as mermaids. This pearl in shell necklace is as timeless as pearls themselves and as mystical as mermaids. The pearl sits lightly in a delicate oyster shell of gold or silver as if it is magically hanging there by itself. Pearls are believed to symbolize purity and femininity.

Features of the Pearl in Shell Necklace

  • Timeless & Classic - The pearl is a classic jewelry piece and together with this gold or silver shell this pearl necklace is timeless. A simple link chain completes this chic look.
  • Be Different - Pearls are a popular jewelry choice but the design of this pearl in shell necklace is so different from any other pearl necklaces that you will stand out from the crowd every time you wear it.
  • The Gift of Love -  It is believed that pearls are a gesture of love and affection making the pearl in shell necklace the perfect gift for a best friend or loved one.
  • Chain Length - 43 + 5 cm (17 + 2"). Pendant size - 2.5 cm (1")