Gold Pendant

Less is more as the saying goes and nowhere is this truer than with this gold pendant. A simple classic the gold pendant hangs on an elegant gold chain just under the hollow of the throat highlighting your neck. This gold pendant is a timeless classic that will suit everyone making it the perfect gift whether it is for your mother in law, your sister or daughter even your best friend or girlfriend. The gold pendant is a stylish understated classic that adds style to your causal look of jeans and a white shirt while taking your formal outfit to the next level.

Features of the Gold Pendant

  • Timeless Classic – The gold pendant is an ageless piece of jewelry that suits every age and personality.
  • Stylishly Simple -  It is the simplistic lines of this gold pendant that makes it so distinctive.
  • Great Quality -  When something is simple it has to be perfect and this gold pendant is made of the highest quality material and craftsmanship.