Coin Choker Necklace

This coin choker necklace from Yellow Summer is unique with a double chain made up of a choker of flat round links combined with a delicate longer chain with a timeless coin pendant. The coin choker necklace is both trendy and timeless creating an overall effect that is delightful. Add an element of play and funk to your look with this coin choker necklace. The coin pendant gives it an iconic touch making it the perfect pendant choker combination for any occasion day or night and casual or formal.

Features of the Coin Choker Necklace

  • On Trend & Classic - Chokers are so "now" and trendy and combined with the classic coin pendant this necklace brings together trendy and classic to give you a distinctive piece of jewelry.
  • Unique - With its flat round links the choker chain adds another different and unusual dimension to the coin choker necklace.
  • Double the Value - With a double chain the coin choker is great value for money.
  • Chain Length - top 34 cm (13.4"), bottom 46 cm (18") plus 5 cm (2.5") adjustable end
  • Pendant Size - 1.5 cm (0.6")