Crescent Moon Necklace

The moon represents powerful feminine energy and this energy is reflected in the crescent moon necklace. Hanging on a matching chain the crescent moon pendant will bring out your feminine beauty no matter where you are going. Match it will be silky scarf and pair of funky jeans and boots or wear it will be flowing ankle length dress. Whatever your style this crescent moon necklace will enhance it and show off you. When you wear it you will enjoy the feeling of your femininity. Enjoy the softness and magic it will bring to your look.

Features of the Crescent Moon Necklace

  • Trendy & Unique - Stand out with this unusual crescent moon necklace and make a statement that you are different.
  • High Quality – This crescent moon necklace is made with care and the best materials so you can wear it every day anywhere.
  • Feel Beautiful– The light of the moon is reflected by this crescent moon necklace to show off your feminine beauty and style.
  • Pendant Size - 3 cm