Cross Choker

Elegance at its finest is the cross choker. Taking the cross into the 21st Century and making it a trendy piece of jewelry this charming choker displays the cross on a delicate choker chain in such an unusual manner making it an instant attention catcher. This lends a new flair to the iconic cross jewelry piece. It also takes the vintage choker chain into the 21st Century giving it a modern look.

Features of the Cross Choker

  • Unusual Design - The gold cross sits off center on the right on a delicate choker chain making for a very unusual design giving it a modern look.
  • Timeless & Classic – The gold cross is an iconic piece of jewelry that is a true classic that adds a timeless element to your look and can be worn with any outfit at any time whether a casual or formal occasion.
  • Perfect Gift - This also makes it the perfect gift for almost anyone from a family member to friend and it is affordable. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone this chain with gold cross is a meaningful enduring piece of jewelry.
  • Necklace Length - 40 cm (15.7") + 5 cm (2")