Delicate Opal Choker

Since the beginning of time opals have been the muse of creatives from artists to actors. It is easy to see why as these gemstones are uniquely beautiful. Unlike other gemstones opals take on colors so they appear to be constantly changing giving them a multi-dimensional color display that is called their play of color. This is one reason why they are so popular as jewelry. Wear them with anything anywhere and watch how your colors play.

Features of the Delicate Opal Choker

  • UniqueDetail - The setting of an opal stone delicately encased by a setting of smallerCubic Zirconia as the main feature with twoCubic Zirconias set on either side of it on the chain the delicate opal choker is a showcase of what is a different and unique piece of jewelry.
  • Feel Beautiful– The delicate opal choker sits under the base of the throat to highlight your neck and face making you feel as beautiful as you are.
  • High Quality - Made from the finest materials and matched with a delicate chain that comes in gold, rose gold and silver this delicate opal choker will be a firm favourite for a long time.   
  • Product Length - 45 cm