Delicate Star Earrings

These star earrings hang delicately on a ring to show off the softness of your ear lobe and emphasize the beauty of your neck. The star itself features line engravings that draw attention to the dangling star and add detail to the earrings making them the perfect accessory to any outfit. They will complete the classic tee and jeans look while showing off a new scarf as they hang down and catch the light. You will want to wear them with everything and they will quickly become your favourite earrings.

Features of the Star Earrings

* Delicate but Strong - While the star earrings look delicate with the dainty star, the actual earring is strong with a clasp that is easy to open and close.

* The Perfect Earrings – These star earrings are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit for any occasion.

* High Quality – Made of quality gold and silver these star earrings are finished off beautifully with line engravings showing off their high-quality workmanship.