Mismatched Moon and Stars Earrings

Stand out from the crowd and show your individuality when you wear these mismatched moon and star earrings. Show your mysterious side with these earrings with their bohemian feel. These mismatched moon and star earrings are a statement of your personality. With one earring the moon and the other earring the star as well as the delicate patterns on the metal and the inserts of black, blue and pink stones the mismatched moon and star earnings will make you stand out.

Features of the Mismatched Moon and Star Earrings

    • Easy to Wear - The mismatched moon and star earrings are stud earrings making them easy and painless to wear.
    • Unique Look – With a pattern on the metal, inserts of rhinestone add splashes of pink and black as well as a delicate blue. The moon and the star hang from a small star also with an insert of pink. The stud area has a black insert. 
    • Fashionable Flair – These mismatched moon and star earrings speak volumes about your style and tell the world who you are. Add that extra flair to any of your outfits.