Elephant Necklace

There is nothing as cute as an elephant and this elephant necklace is one of the cutest pendants you can wear. Made with care the pendant shows the outline of an elephant with its trunk up. It is believed that when an elephant’s trunk is upward facing it will bring you good luck. Wearing this necklace will bring you an element of luck in your style showing off that part of your personality that is charming and cute. With such positive symbols you will feel good and look good when you wear this necklace.

Features of the Elephant Necklace

  • Cuteness - This elephant necklace is cuteness in one necklace from the shape of the elephant outline to the chain that it hangs from.
  • Trendy & Unique – Stand out and be noticed when you wear this on trend elephant necklace with the pendent that is in the form of the outline of an elephant. 
  • High Quality – While it looks delicate the elephant necklace is made from the best gold and silver with a strong chain necklace. 
  • Necklace Length - 45 cm