Gold Ear Climbers

Like a shooting star that leaves a path across the sky the gold ear climbers show a shiny trail of stars sitting delicately on your ear lobe. The design of the stars with larger stars and smaller stars intermixed adds detail to these earrings as well as interest. They also have a slight bohemian feel to them so while they are very trendy they also show your own individual style. 

Features of the Gold Ear Climbers

  • Easy to Wear – These gold ear climbers are easy to wear as they are stud earrings that fit comfortably and snugly holding the earring securely in place.
  • On trend - Stars are so iconic and right now they are very on trend. Add a funky element to your look with these great gold ear climbers.
  • High Quality – Made of high-quality gold or silver the gold ear climbers also have high quality workmanship with a large star followed by two smaller stars and then another larger star and ending with a small star.