Gold Coral Earrings

These gold coral earrings are a luxurious jewelry item. They are the embodiment of their namesake in both color and pattern. The golden coral together with the pearl make these earrings sophisticated elegance. They also carry an air of mystery as corals from the sea are organic gemstones not plants and are believed to carry mysterious sacred properties. From the ancient Egyptians to the Victorians coral was a symbol of happiness and wisdom and was used to attract success. When you wear these earrings you will feel happy and successful.

Features of the Gold Coral Earrings

  • Unique Design – These gold coral earrings feature a coral hanging from a pearl encased in a gold circle giving it an unusual look that is vibrant and elegant.
  • High Quality – With its elements of gold and pearls the gold coral earrings are made from the highest quality materials and forged through the best workmanship.
  • Elegance in One – The combination of the delicate golden patterns of coral and the solid silky pearl encased in gold makes this an elegant pair of earrings.