Gold Necklace

With no beginning and no end the circle is the symbol of eternity and since ancient times it has come to show everlasting love. Today the notion of the circle as love whether romantic love or friendship love is often demonstrated by wearing pendants such as this circle pendant on this gold necklace. The circle pendant is made of gold and has been gently crafted into smooth lines. This is truly the most romantic gift you will ever give to your girlfriend and the most special friendship gift for a friend.

Features of the Gold Necklace:

  • Show Your Love: The circle has been a symbol everlasting love since ancient times. The delicate lines of this gold necklace reflect gentleness of love while the gold metal shows its strength.
  • Delicate Combination – Hanging on a chain of refined links the gold necklace circle sits just under the hollow of your throat lighting up your face andradiating eternal love.