Gold Shell Locket

This gold locket is unusual as it is in the shape of an oyster shell. Its shell shape makes it a summer favorite and it fits perfectly with a beach dress at the seaside or even poolside. If you are going on a summer holiday this gold locket is a must to pack as you will be able to wear it day and night to the beach and off the beach. Lockets are so trendy and this gold locket shell shape adds a funky edge to this look.

Features of the Gold Locket

  • Delicate Detail – In the shape of an oyster shell the gold locket is a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that has been designed to the highest workmanship.
  • Timeless Summer Fashion – Lockets are as timeless as love itself and will add that extra dimension to your look. The gold locket is especially suited to summer as its shell shape makes you think of the sea and the beach.
  • A Beautiful Gift - Traditionally lockets have been offered as gifts between good friends and that someone special and this unique gold locket is the perfect gift.
  • Product Length - 51 cm