Hamsa Hand Necklace

An ancient Middle East amulet the hamsa hand brings its wearer happiness and good luck as well as protecting them against evil. The hamsa hand is also popular as a pendant and this hamsa hand necklace is especially popular because of the exquisite detail that has gone into it. This look also lends itself to a bohemian feel that pairs perfectly with the classic jeans and a white shirt or an ankle length dress with boots. In the evening this necklace will add that special touch to your outfit.

Features of the Hamsa Hand Necklace

  • Exquisite detail – The detail in the hamsa hand necklace is stunning with high quality embellishment with stones of black and white in patterns that make up the essence of the hand including an eye symbol with a black stone embellishment.
  • Extra Long Chain - The hamsa hand necklace hangs off a single 10 cm chain that hangs from an 80cm chain creates length. Both chains feature black beads inlaid in the chain.
  • Delicate Beauty - The detail of this hamsa hand necklace shows off the exceptional workmanship that has gone into the forging of this beauty necklace.
  • Necklace Length - 80 cm plus 10 cm extendable end