Hamsa Necklace

This alluring necklace will give you an air of mystery. A popular pendant the hamsa is a well-known symbol for happiness and good luck. This hamsa necklace is intriguing with its stunning blue eye crystal in the centre as well as clear crystals surrounding it that draw the light to as you move. Be mysterious and let people wonder what secrets you are keeping when you wear this piece of jewelry. 

Features of the Hamsa Necklace

  • Embellished Detail – The hamsa necklace is richly embellished with crystals especially the blue crystal the forms its eye and details in its design making it a truly eye-catching piece of jewelry.
  • Exquisite Workmanship - This hamsa necklace has been crafted with care and love so that every detail is perfection.
  • Mysterious & Trendy - Whether you match the hamsa necklace with boots and jeans or a pretty dress you will be on trend but also presenting an air of mystery.
  • Necklace Length - 40 cm plus 5 cm extendable end
  • Pendant Size - 2x1 cm
  • Weight - 5 g