Leather Arrow Necklace

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This Arrow Necklace is so unique from the materials it is made from to its design. The arrow itself is crafted from a bronze metal. The fletchings at the end of the arrow are so realistic with lines engraved across them, while the arrowhead is three dimensional. The body of the arrow is covered with rustic material that matches the rope chain of the arrow necklace. This earthly arrow necklace will suit someone with a different rustic style that is original to them.

Features of the Arrow Necklace:

  • Unique Style - This arrow necklace is unique and will suit someone with their own style and a funky flair. The arrow necklace is unisex.
  • Authentic Feel - The arrow necklace is forged from the highest quality metal, material and rope giving it a dated authentic feel.
  • High Quality Finishes - The smooth metal of the arrowhead and the detailed engraved fletchings together with the rustic material of the arrow body and rope chain combine to give the arrow necklace a high quality finish.
  • Pendant Size - 8x1 cm (3.1x0.3")
  • Pendant Length - 80 cm (31.5")