Minimalist Star Earrings

Stars in the nighttime sky are like beautiful lights shining down on us. When you look at them it looks like they are twinkling. You can add a twinkle to your look with these star earrings. With stars so trendy right now you will wear these star earrings 1 all day and all night. Add some classic funkiness to your outfit with these earrings. Bring out your twinkle when you wear these darling star earrings.

Features of the Star Earrings

* Perfect for everyday use – These star earrings are easy to put on and take off but you will want to keep them on day and night. They are comfortable and suitable for every occasion.

* High Quality - Made from high quality gold and rose gold these star earrings finish off any look perfectly.

* Trendy & Now – Star earrings are so now and any teenager would love to get these star earrings as a gift.