Moon and Star Earrings

Just as the Moon and the stars go together perfectly these moon and star earrings fit together effortlessly. Like the moon and the stars they also sparkle as they catch the light as they move when you do making them simply delightful. Wear them when you go out for an evening and let your vibrant personality shine through showing everyone who you are. 

Features of the Moon and Star Earrings

    • Comfortable to Wear - The moon and star earrings are light making them comfortable to wear and the stud makes them easy to put in and remove.
    • Delicate & Sparkling Look – The diamantes on the moon and star shapes of these earrings as well as on the stud part create a sparkling look. The earrings also feature a single clear stone attaching the moon and the star to the stud section. 
    • Fashionably Different – These moon and star earrings are so different and will show off your personal and unique style to the world.