Dangly Star Earrings

Let these high-quality silver and gold star earrings do the talking. Hanging down from a perfectly formed ring attached to a bigger ring with a clasp these star earrings will draw attention to themselves. Their simplicity of design makes them a classic but with stars very on trend currently they are also very fashionable. These star earrings 3 give you the best of both worlds! Wear them to add that funky edge to your outfit.

Features of the Star Earrings

* Delicate & Durable – The star earrings feature a delicate perfectly shaped star hanging on a ring as if it is a star hanging in the evening sky. It features a strong ring with a clasp that is easy to open and close to put on and remove the earrings.

* The Perfect Earring – These star earrings will be your go to earrings as they combine classic and funky. 

* High Quality – Made of quality gold and silver these star earrings have been made with a high-quality workmanship.