Rhinestone Choker

Whether you wear it at special occasions from birthdays to weddings or to a night out on the town with your friends it will give your outfit that unique sparkle. It brings together two classics that are currently on trend. Combining the choker style and rhinestone gemstone the rhinestone choker is as alluring as its history. Chokers have been in and out of fashion for many years being in favor from the late 19th century to the 1920s. They then made a comeback in the 1940s and today they are as fashionable as ever. Rhinestones are a colorless quartz variety named after the quartz found on the Rhine Riverbanks in Europe and are an amazing gemstone. They add a timeless element to this choker.

Features of the Rhinestone Choker

  • High Quality Rhinestones - Rhinestones are named after the quartz found on the Rhine River banks in Europe. Today rhinestones are made of quartz or glass or even plastic. This rhinestone choker boasts the highest quality rhinestones.
  • Trendy & Fashionable: The rhinestone choker is flattening that fits everyone’s style from the sophisticated to a more bohemian look.
  • Essential Jewelry - This rhinestone choker is an essential addition to your jewelry collection.