Seashell Necklace

Seashells come in all shapes and forms but whatever their shape they all hold the magical essence of the sea. Who has not collected seashells from the beach and brought them home as a keepsake of a beautiful sun kissed day at the beach? Remember these warm days and the sound of the ocean when you wear this seashell necklace.

Features of the Seashell Necklace

  • High Quality Design - While this seashell necklace is in the shape of a scallop shell which is one of the most iconic shell shapes the high quality design of the pendant will ensure you stand out and be noticed.
  • Trendy - This seashell necklace is so on point this summer. Perfect for the hot days in shorts and a tank top as well as for the cooler summer evenings in jeans and an iconic white tee.
  • Romantic & Soulful - The seashell necklace is a lovely gift for a special friend or girlfriend to show them how you feel about them. It is also a great gift for a daughter or your wife.