Silver Star Earrings

While the lifespan of a star is billions of years, the bigger a star the shorter its life span. It stands to reason then that the opposite is true. It certainly is in the case of these star earrings that prove that bigger is not necessarily better. While they are small they have a big sparkle. The cubic zirconia in these star earrings catch the light proving that less is more. They are simple but classic and will suit any occasion. Wear them every day with any outfit as they bring a sparkle to your daytime look while adding a classic element to your evening wear.

Features of the Star Earrings

* Eye-catching - These star earrings are made of real silver with cubic zirconia that give off a sparkle day and night.

* High Quality – The star earrings are made from high quality silver to protect sensitive ears.

* Classic Design – The simplicity of the star earrings is classical making them the perfect earrings for any outfit and occasion.

* Size - 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm