Small Hoop Earrings

Nothing says style like the classic hoop earring. The small hoop earrings follow in this tradition of the classic hoop earring that you can wear with anything and they will add a sense of elegance to your look. Pair them with jeans for a casual get together with friends or wear them to a work or school function. The small hoop earrings are perfect as they fit in with your look and complement you. They are a case of not too much and not too little. Really they are simply perfect. Choose between gold and silver colour.

Features of the Small Hoop Earrings

* Different Sizes - The small hoop earrings come in several sizes ranging from 40mm to 50mm and 60 mm.

* High Quality Materials – Made from high quality gold and silver coloured zinc alloy.

* Elegant Style - These hoop earrings are a classic in jewelry design and are perfect to wear with any outfit especially to the office or school when you are looking for understated elegance.