Snake Choker

When you are looking for a classic yet chic jewelry piece to finish off your otherwise perfect outfit this delicately shaped snake choker is timeless yet chic. With its smooth lines and simple design the snake choker fits your neck comfortably and gracefully and will make you feel like a million dollars. Stand out when you are out on the night out on the town with friends or at a more formal occasion such as a family wedding or birthday party when you wear the snake choker.

Features of the Snake Choker

  • Timeless Chic - This snake choker is timeless in its material and design adding a classic element to any outfit.
  • Trendy - While the shake choker is classic in its simplicity it is on trend. Be a fashion trend setter when you wear the snake choker. 
  • High Quality - This snake choker is made of high quality material and you can choose from of silver or gold.