Star Earrings

A delicate star hanging from the perfect circle. That is the star earrings and they are so beautiful you will not be able to stop yourself from falling in love with them. You will have stars in your eyes when you see them and you will be so excited to wear them. With stars so on trend now they will add a funky edge to your outfits. Embrace the best of classic and the best of trendy in one earring that is perfect for every occasion. Get them for yourself or for aspecial family member or friend. They make the best gift you can give!

Features of the Star Earrings

* The Perfect Earring – These star earrings 3 will be your go to earrings as they combine classic and funky. Perfect for you!

* High Quality – Made of quality gold and silver these star earrings 3 are a classic design boasting high-quality workmanship.

* Comfortable Design – Designed with comfort in mind these earrings will wear easily and are simple to put in and take out.

* Weight - 5 g