Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

This evil eye pendant necklace is a modern representation of the traditional evil eye. While it features the evil eye colors it does so in several different shapes that are on different pendant forms from circles, suns, stars and hearts. This makes this pendant necklace an easy choice when you are looking for a piece of jewelry that has some meaning but is also fun. This is perfect as it adds a more funky element to your look

Features of the Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

  • Different Choices – This evil eye pendant necklace gives you the freedom of choice in the pendant you prefer. Choose from a heart or sun or circles or star shaped pendant in different colors with different types of evil eyes.
  • Fun Element – This evil eye pendant necklace adds an element of fun to your look because of the different designs.
  • Unique Pendant - This evil eye pendant necklace is so unusual that you will stand out whenever you wear it.