Evil Eye Necklace

Made of glass beads in the customary blues of the traditional evil eye this evil eye necklace follows the centuries old belief that wearing it will protect the wearer against any evil eyes. However the evil eye pendant is also a good luck charm with the dark blue color symbolizing positive vibes and good karma while the light blue represents the sky and is a symbol of the truth. Wearing this evil eye necklace will give you the confidence to face any situation and let you live your truth. 

Features of the Evil Eye Necklace

  • The Good Luck Gift – For exams, a driver’s license test or for when your friend is just feeling down and needs some luck the evil eye necklace is the perfect gift for any difficulty requiring some good luck

  • Beautifully Crafted -  This evil eye necklace of mesmerizing glass beads has been delicately crafted. 

  • Unique Necklace - Together with its link chain with ball inserts the evil eye necklace is spellbinding.